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What is the sharing economy?

"You do not need to use."

The SharON project is a space within which we will examine the phenomenon of sharing economy in 5 partner countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Italy) by identifying SMEs oriented to innovation and technology and operating or willing to operate within the framework of the sharing economy. Our goal is to discover the potential and needs of platform owners and startups, and consequently to build a tailor-made support program. This undertaking is also intended to increase awareness and disseminate knowledge about the phenomenon of sharing economy and its growing importance in the global and regional economy.


What we do?


Identification of the environment, initiatives and platforms for sharing economy in partner regions but also the main players supporting initiatives in this field. The end result will be the Final Report.

Education & Promotion

Organization of seminars, workshops and tailor-made trainings, preceded by a questionnaire (electronic questionnaire), the aim of which will be to diagnose the training needs of interested entities in the sharing economy.


Under the program, we will select 24 SME entities operating or willing to operate within the framework of share economy. Innovation oriented and focused on technology with high growth potential. For the chosen ones we will ensure participation in the advisory program adapted to the stage of the idea development. The last point of the program will be the demo day organization, during which the top 5 representatives of the sharing economy solutions from the partner regions will present their ideas to investors and seed funds.

Kogo szukamy?

Technology startups,

Existing SMEs, organisations (foundations, associations),

Mature and experienced shared economy players.

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Why is it worth joining the project?
  • 24 companies will take part in an advisory program out of which 5 will take part in Demo Day and will have the opportunity to present themselves to investors,
  • SharON is a large dose of knowledge, not only from experts, but also from other participants and project partners,
  • we guarantee an inspiring atmosphere - in our activities we do not limit ourselves to the borders of one country, we show what and how to do in the regions of Eastern and Southern Europe, i.e. Poland, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Italy.
  • we create the opportunity to present and consult our ideas in a wide international group,
Inspiration, Teaching,
Consulting, Support